R.R. Witteveen 1 klaviers kistorgel

Truhenorgel/Chamber/ Continuo Organ made by Witteveen Organ Builder The Netherlands.

This instrument can be used as a Continuo organ as well as a chamber/study organ. In the past years we delivered these instruments b.o. to: Japan, Austria, Switserland, USA, The Netherlands. The pipe work is made entirely of wood. The sticker action gives a  very direct and precise control of pipe speech. The wind blower as well as the bellow are also inside the instrument. All stops are split in bass/treble for more possibilities. The case work is made of solid European oak. The flats are covered with bone, the sharps with ebony.

It is a small and light weight instrument with character and is easy to tune. All kinds of temperaments are possible.

Manual C-f3
Gedekt 8
Chimneyflute 4
Principal 2
Quint 1 1/3 treble (reservation)

Transposing manual for 415/440 Hz

Dimensions: Wide 115cm, Deep 53cm, High 88cm.
Weight: about 90 Kg
Built in 2018.

Sold to Evangelische Kirche, Berlin.

Orgelmaker Witteveen